Rev. Anthony C. Jackson

Assistant Minister

Rev. Anthony C. Jackson

Rev. Anthony C. Jackson is Assistant Minister at East Bay Church of Religious Science. Joining the East Bay Church of Religious Science in 1994, becoming a practitioner in 2004, and graduating from Holmes Institute in 2009, earning a Master’s degree in Consciousness studies. This was followed three years later by becoming an ordained minister of Religious Science, a metaphysical philosophy.

Rev. Jackson currently heads up several ministries at the East Bay Church of Religious Science, while continuing to be available for the East Bay Community to serve wherever needed.

One of Rev. Jackson’s favorite quotes by Dr. Ernest Holmes can be found on page 282 in the Science of Mind textbook. And he states,

“To Desert the truth in the hour of need is to prove that we do not know the truth”

Rev. Jackson says that his truth is that we each are individualized expressions of spirit and that as such all things are possible. That truly it is done onto us as we believe.

Blessings, And so it is.

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