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January Sunday Celebration Services Online

Our January Theme is “New Beginnings”

January 3 – Rev. Dereca Blackmon, “How to Rely on God”
Musical Inspiration: East Bay Women’s Ensemble”

January 10 – Rev. Dereca Blackmon, “How to Forgive Yourself”
Musical Inspiration: The Reflection Trio

January 17 – Eugene Holden, RScP, “I am That I Am; Inspired, Authentic Man”
Musical Inspiration: East Bay Men’s Ensemble

January 24 – Rev. FranCione, Ph.D

Meditation at 10:15am • Services at 10:30am

Eugene Holden, RScP

Everyone is welcome to 4130 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland!

Sunday Services

We offer one virtual  Sunday Celebration Service. Each service begins with a 15 minute meditation. The full service immediately follows meditation.





Youth and Family

Hosted online, please contact Stacey Saadiq for more information.


Spanish Language Services

Every 3rd Sunday

Order of Virtual Sunday Celebration

Opening Musical Inspiration
Opening Spiritual Mind Treatment
Acknowledgement of Guests
Community Opportunities
Musical Inspiration
Speaker’s Message
Gracious Giving
Healing Spiritual Mind Treatment*

*Please remain seated or still.

Thank you.

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Meditation is a tool that can put us in touch with the spiritual reality of life. It quiets our minds, relaxes our bodies, and focuses our attention. From this centered place we can make choices based on an understanding of our individual place in the cosmic order and our personal experience of God as the Creative Power in our lives.

Meditation is available in @Facebook Live at the following times:

  • Every Sunday at 10:15am (15 minutes before each Celebration Service)
  • Every Monday – Friday from 12:30pm – 1pm
  • Every Wednesday at 6:15pm (before Wednesday Power Hour) via Zoom:

Sunday Service Talks

Latino Ministry

Gabriel Ramos

Spanish Language Service

Every 3rd Sunday

Meditation at 12:30pm

Service at 12:45pm

Followed by a potluck

Dios es el unico poder en mi vida

Nada de afuera puede tocar la vida perfecta de Dios a dentro de de mi.

Ninguna experiencia pasada tiene poder sobre mi.

Soy un nino perfecto de Dios y nada que cualquiera haya hecho o dicho puede intervener con mi herencia divina.

El poder de Dios es mas fuerte que cualquiera circunstancia en mi vida.

La fuerza de Dios es mia para utilizar.

Olvidando las sentimientos de insuficiencia, yo descrubo que todo lo que necesito esta dentro de mi en este momento.

Cuando perdono el pasado encuentro que no tengo nada para expiar or escapar.

Olvidando mi antigua persona, yo descubro mi verdadera persona.

Yo tomo dominio en mi vida.

Los habitos antiguos no tienen poder sobre mi.

Las condiciones no tienen poder sobre mi.

Las personalidades no tienen poder sobre mi.

Yo tomo dominio.

Soy entero (a).

Soy libre,

So completo (a).



Wednesday Night Power Hour

During this mid-week spiritual pick-up, regroup and recharge with 
community, conversation and connection

6:15 to 6:30pm Meditation

6:30 to 7:30pm Services

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