Garden Ministry

The Garden Ministry

Our Mission

East Bay is blessed with beautiful grounds which invite many possibilities. The combination of rich soil, wonderful sun exposure, and powerful prayers spoken on our land has resulted in thriving plants that are very happy to live in our garden. Many members of the church have had a hand in creating the garden we enjoy today. Rev. Elouise and Teya Brown know the history of many of the more established plants that were selected years ago with care and purpose. We want to share this abundant space with as many spirits as we can! The garden is a wonderful place to sit and be still, or to connect with church family. If you haven’t spent time there, next time you are at church, we invite you to visit and let yourself be nurtured by nature.

In the fall of 2020, we will install many exciting new low water plants along Telegraph Avenue and in the side garden. We would love to grow our team, and offer more gardening classes. Our “Grow Your Own Salad” class was a big hit at the Women’s Circle last year. When Spirit determines the time is right, we will establish a productive edible garden. Right now, we welcome everyone to close their eyes and envision a garden overflowing with fresh organic produce! Imagine our monthly potluck including dishes prepared with food that we have grown as a community!

In addition to East Bay members, the garden has lots of visitors. A black and white neighborhood cat with very big paws loves sunbathing in the flower beds, and construction workers have been known to enjoy their lunch breaks in the peaceful environment we’ve created.

Our Garden

Right now, our garden is maintained by just a few volunteers and donors. We would love to see our ministry expand! There are many ways you can get involved:

Watering Seva Service  During the dry season, we are looking for committed people who can spend ~30 minutes every week or every other week

Garden Work Parties  Once or twice a year a big group of us come together to weed, prune, plant, and enjoy some good music! We will schedule our next party once social distancing measures are lifted

Independent Garden Seva  If you love the idea of spending an hour or two pruning and weeding in the garden when your calendar allows, reach out to Caitlin for some guidance on what areas need some love. No gardening experience needed!

Donate  Cash donations and Home Depot gift cards are welcome and appreciated! The garden needs plants, soil, mulch, fertilizer, and irrigation supplies to stay strong and look good. This fall we will install a new large garden bed that will cost $1500 in materials. We would love to have new outdoor furniture and a fountain the hummingbirds can bathe in! The Telegraph side of the church and the perimeter of the parking lot are also in need of some tender loving care.

Caitlin Smith


Caitlin Smith

Caitlin began to fold her love of plants into her career after she began attending East Bay and took Foundations about eight years ago. She has taken many classes in the Landscape Design and Horticulture program at Merritt College, and has worked in many special gardens, including the Sunset Magazine test gardens in Sonoma.

Harriet Johnson


Harriet Johnson

In 1981 Harriet relocated to Oakland, CA from Chicago, IL. She was invited to attend an East Bay Church service back in 1995 and has been attending ever since! East Bay’s spirit, SOM teachings, music, culture and fun wrapped in wisdom and love captured her heart. Harriet has been an active member of East Bay Church since 1996.

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