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Our Mission

East Bay Youth and Family Ministry is a sacred space for families to grow and thrive. Using the principles of New Thought, we encourage all to realize their Personal Power and Oneness. Together we are the magic! Whew Hew!

Exciting things are taking place in
Youth & Family Ministry!

Photo by JJ Harris

Our Youth & Family Ministry team is expanding and growing and lots of wonderful things are unfolding.

We currently are meeting on Zoom. In youth church, we use the CSL Youth Curriculum, as well as other resources that we feel are appropriate for the spiritual development of our young people. Other aspects of the ministry include special events, celebrations, outings, attending camp, quarterly parent meetings, choir & participation in delivering Youth Sunday Service. Some special projects include Spiritual Activism, Junior Toast Masters Club, Kwanzaa and CSL Youth Council.

We tailor a program designed to your child(s) needs based on their age/grade. Our children, teens and pre-teens program is available at 12 noon every Sunday. Service includes check ins, discussion, gardening, community building, meditation, yoga, prayer, energizers, on-line activities, music and movement. We encourage parents to connect their children to Sunday Morning services.

While sheltering in place, Youth Sunday is an opportunity for the youth to show who they are and what they learn during Sunday Service. On this day, our youth sing with the choir, share what they are discovering and how they will incorporate these discoveries into their lives, and/or show their creative expression projects.

We are grateful for what’s unfolding and expanding as our vision for our Youth & Family Ministry buds and blossoms. We say Yes! and look forward to having your families be a part of this East Bay Church Ministry.

Youth K – 5th Grades


High School

9th – 12th Grades


6th – 8th Grades

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Parent Involvement

We host quarterly parent meetings and we look forward to hosting regular family gatherings for participants to get to know each other.

Parent Support

Constance Slider Pierre brings a wealth of insight, skills and knowledge about parenting, life, love and faith. If you need to talk, have an idea, want prayer or coaching please reach out.

Want to Volunteer?

All volunteers must be EBCRS members, have a current live scan screening and have completed Foundation Class with EBCRS. We would love for you to join us. Please email Constance Slider Pierre at


Keep up with what we’ve been doing!

Photo by JJ Harris

2020 Kwanzaa Celebration

Meet Our Team

Fabiana Crenshaw, Youth Lead Facilitator

Dr. Cynthia Chang, M.D: Youth Lead Facilitator

Constance Slider-Pierre: Board Trustee

Mary Allen: Youth and Family Coordinator

Laverne Taylor: Snack Angel Coordinator

Fabiana Crenshaw

Youth Lead Facilitator

Fabiana Crenshaw

Fabiana Crenshaw, an interdisciplinary Creative Expressionist, is a parent and Sacred Services Leader dedicated to self-empowerment through spiritual growth and creativity.

Constance Slider Pierre


Constance Slider Pierre

Constance Slider Pierre is the Organizing Director at The Utility Reform Network (TURN), a public interest law firm specializing in regulatory and legislative energy and telecommunications advocacy on behalf of consumers.

Mary Allen

Youth and Family Coordinator

Mary Allen

Mary Allen is an exceptional member of East Bay Church of Religious Science, a center for spiritual living. Over the past 9 years she has volunteered in several ministries which include the Women’s Ensemble, the Youth and Family Ministry and the Young Adult Ministry.

Laverne Taylor

Youth and Family

Laverne Taylor

Laverne Taylor is EBCRS Youth and Family Snack Angel Coordinator.

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