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You Are Welcome Here

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East Bay is a loving community here to support the healing and freedom of the individual, the community and the world. We use spiritual principles and Love to encourage self-enrichment and growth as we become our greatest yet to be.

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The East Bay Church of Religious Science is dedicated to the spiritual transformation of the entire planet. We are committed to being a point of empowerment allowing Spirit to direct every thought, word, deed, and action…

Science of Mind is a metaphysical teaching that blends spirituality, science, and practical application. It provides the way to leading a spirit-filled life without the dogma so…

Ours is not a once a week church/faith/spirituality. It is a way of life. Spiritual Living involves spiritual practices…

Giving and receiving are both part of a divine continuum of prosperity and abundance. Sacred Service Angels give freely of their time and talent, and in doing so, the church thrives. The church, in turn…

What Does Membership Imply?

Thanks for you interest in discovering what it means to be a member in this loving spiritual community fondly called East Bay! Whether you are brand new or you have been attending for some time, we are glad you’re here!

While we love our friends who occasionally visit, who take some classes or attend special events, and we appreciate their interest in the many opportunities we offer and their donations that help keep the Center fully functioning, Membership is a journey that offers the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your understanding of spiritual principles and how they work in your life
  • Feel supported by friends and members also on their spiritual path
  • Benefit from the power that is found in commitment

Most of all, membership is about a relationship between you and this healing community. We are here to help reveal your personal power to become more authentically, spiritually, and purposefully YOU!

Membership also implies a deep affiliation with the New Thought philosophy of Science of Mind® and a commitment to become a steward and active participant of this community, its assets, and its future.

Membership is the first level of ownership of the Center. We ask that, as the heart of our organization, members are loyal, active and support the Center in identifiable ways, including an annual pledge. We support members in growing in consciousness and spiritual practices, encourage their participation in spiritual development classes and workshops, and in supporting the up-keep and ownership of this beautiful physical space and property. We encourage members to form lasting friendships with others who share an interest in this life changing and dynamic community.

Lastly, Membership says that you want to guarantee that this Center and the teaching go on to serve the community for as long as possible, that you care about the community, that you have grown from this teaching and want others to be able to grow from this teaching as well.

Apply for Membership

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Believing in the spiritual philosophy of Science of Mind and its practical application to everyday living. I desire to unite in the fellowship of unity and love by becoming an active member of the East Bay Church of Religious Science.

All information is strictly confidential

If you prefer to mail your application, please download the form by clicking the button below, print the form, fill in and mail to us at:

4130 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, California, 94609

Please list all known
Please tell us below when and where you attended classes
Please type your name to officially sign this form

More About Membership

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Complete a membership form
  • Attend a meeting that covers: Exploring Life at East Bay and Spiritual Practices
  • Attend services and programs regularly, as able
  • Commit to be in service on one of the Sacred Seva teams
  • Attend annual business meetings and any special member meetings to be informed and exercise the privilege to vote
  • Make regular financial contributions through the Better Together Program in an amount that is right for you
  • Expand your understanding and practice of tithing as divine circulation
  • Commit to ongoing spiritual practice and personal growth
  • Take a foundational class as identified by Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) and offered by East Bay
  • Prayer with ministers and licensed Religious Science Practitioners
  • Pastoral support
  • Mid-day meditation Monday-Friday
  • Six-month subscription to Science of Mind magazine
  • Free CD when giving sacred service on Sunday or during an event
  • Monthly Women’s Loving Heart Empowerment Circle (first Saturday 11am-1pm)
  • Monthly Spiritual Man men’s meeting (fourth Saturday 10:30am-12pm)
  • Helping Hands emergency assistance program
  • Prayer Partners Program
  • Opportunity to share and expand your passions, talents and abilities in our 20-plus ministries

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Join Us

  • Download Membership Form, below
  • This form can be filled out using your computer or device. To sign the form, simply type your name or initials
  • Email the form to us at
  • Contact us at
    • To submit your completed Membership Form

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