Prayer Requests

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash

Getting the Spiritual and Emotional Support You Need

The Licensed Spiritual Practitioners of East Bay Church of Religious Science stand ready to support you with prayer whenever needed. Listed below are several ways of requesting prayer.

Enlist the support of a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner at Church

East Bay Church of Religious Science Practitioners have dedicated their lives to being vessels of prayer and serving our community. If you are in need of prayer while at church, please feel free to approach any Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. It is our greatest pleasure to do a Science of Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) with you at your request. We do not charge a fee for this service. Licensed Practitioners can be recognized at church by their purple stoles.

Complete a Prayer Request Form at Church

Prayer Request forms are physically located in the foyer next to the Treatment Box. Simply fill out the form and place it in the box. All Prayer Request forms are delivered to our Ministry of Prayer, where practitioners will take them into the healing consciousness of prayer. Every prayer request is maintained in the strictest of confidence.

Online Prayer Request Form

Thank you for submitting your online Prayer request. East Bay Practitioners will surround this request in prayer for at least 30 days.