Youth Spirit Artwork Mentorship

The Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) Mentorship Program

To help young adults on their life journey, Youth Spirit Artworks (YSA) is starting a Mentorship Program and is looking for mentors. This program will support young adult participants of YSA, some of whom are residents of the newly opened Tiny House Empowerment Village in Oakland.

YSA says some mentees need a buddy to talk with, others need more support because of past trauma, homelessness, instability, or other challenges. YSA describes mentors as good listeners, cheerleaders, companions, role models; mentors are not psychologists, therapists, or case managers. YSA is looking for people who can commit to meeting with a mentee at least twice a month for a year or longer.  YSA will provide training and support throughout the mentoring relationship.

YSA’s Mentorship Program provides an opportunity to give service beyond the walls of East Bay to young people who need connection and consistency.

YSA would like all mentor applications submitted as soon as possible. In order to apply, you need to:

  • Carefully read the attachment and fill out the application form (download PDF to the right and fill in)
  • Create a short (30-second to 2-minute) friendly video introducing yourself.
  • Send your completed application and short video to:

Next Steps After Submitting Your Application

  1. Interview
  2. If a potential mentee is identified for you, training will be scheduled
  3. Mentors must have a federal background check and be fingerprinted (average cost $85-$90)

If you like working with young people, appreciate looking at life from a different perspective, or are ready to serve in a new way, the YSA Mentorship Program may be a win-win opportunity that proves to be greatly rewarding. Submit your application today.

For more information, contact

So that we’re aware of our East Bay applicants, if you submit an application, please notify Mary Allen at

Download editable PDF below

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