Spiritual Coaching

Fee-for-Service Spiritual Coaching Sessions

Spiritual coaching sessions last for about an hour. In the session, you describe what you would like to experience in your life—health, financial, relationship, etc. Next, you and your practitioner explore, from a spiritual point of view, the changes in your thinking and belief system to help align you with your stated desire. Your practitioner then supports you through affirmative prayer (spiritual mind treatment) and by offering other spiritual practice suggestions.

Often, people make an appointment with a practitioner for spiritual support during a particularly challenging time. Others see a practitioner on a regular basis, as part of their ongoing spiritual well-being regimen. Sometimes, people see a practitioner on occasion for a “spiritual checkup,” or to express gratitude for their current blessings and to expand their sense of well-being. Your practitioner holds the content of your session in confidentiality.

To contact a Licensed Practitioner to discuss scheduling and fees, you can do one of the following:

  • Pick up a business card at the practitioner picture board in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Pick up a list of phone numbers of available practitioners in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Click the button below to see our list of practitioners.


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