Lola Pratt

Sacred Service Leader

My name is Lola Pratt. I am an Oakland Native, Army Veteran and a proud member of East Bay Church for at least 20 years. I baptized my God daughters, got married and had a home-going memorial service for my Mom. My entire family has been to this church. I love my Church, I’ve been on the Black History/Kwanzaa Committee for over 10 years. I have my own mobile Notary Public signing service, and a Toastmaster. In addition I have worked in the community as an Inspector at voter polling sites for over 10 years, continuing the Legacy of my Mom with “Cherish your Life” Education, Training and Resources.

Currently I am a 2019-2020 AC Care Connect Family Fellow. My new day to day part-time job with Alameda County is as a Healthcare  Service Trainee. I love spending time with my family and cooking.

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