Kimberly Satterfield, RScP


Greetings Beloveds,

I have been involved with Pastoral Care for six years since I became a licensed practitioner in 2015. And have been the co-lead for several years. I was drawn to this ministry because of my commitment to prayer and because in my work at a social worker as well as in my role as caregiver I was very much aware of the need and the desire for prayer and spiritual guidance as people faced health (physical/mental), and age-related challenges. I take my vow to be a healing presence very seriously and I am inspired to find new ways of spiritually supporting our community and beyond. This is why I am so delighted that in the past year that we created online morning prayer and midday meditation and that monthly grief and loss listening circles were launched.  We look forward to expanding our hospital visitation program.

With love,


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