Caitlin Smith

Garden Ministry

Caitlin’s first garden memories were playing in hedges of azaleas and hydrangeas at her Great Grandmother’s home in Baltimore in the early 80’s. She has always kept a garden (sometimes on window sills when she’s lived in apartments) and has volunteered in arboretums and food justice programs. Caitlin began to fold her love of plants into her career after she began attending East Bay and took Foundations about eight years ago. She has taken many classes in the Landscape Design and Horticulture program at Merritt College, and has worked in many special gardens, including the Sunset Magazine test gardens in Sonoma. Caitlin also had the honor of designing and installing gardens for some EBCS members.

Caitlin feels relaxed and happy when she is working with plants and finds that bringing that joy into the lives of others is incredibly gratifying!

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