As we study our own being, we begin to deduce the nature of God.

~ The Science of Mind, p. 79

Classes in Science of Mind give you what you need to expand your knowledge of spiritual principles and to gain practical spiritual tools for everyday use. In addition to learning about the Science of Mind philosophy and how to apply it, being in a class is one of the best ways to enter more deeply into our spiritual community. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know people from many different backgrounds.

Our teachers are experienced practitioners of Science of Mind who love to teach and share the power that these teachings have to change lives. Classes combine experiential exercises with explanation of the principles of SOM practice. The home study is designed to inspire deeper understanding and love of spiritual principles and practical application.

Many classes have prayer pods or partnerships which help anchor students in loving support and transformative practice. Many lifelong friendships have begun in our classrooms. Come and join us as we explore and experience the transformation that Science of Mind can bring to every life!

Classes are offered in a trimester calendar beginning in January, May, and September. Registration begins in April, August, and November of each year.

The Core Curriculum is developed by the Education Department of Centers for Spiritual Living using an exciting, contemporary education model through which learners fully experience the spiritual reality of their being. Core classes are 8 to 12 weeks in duration — one three-hour class per week. Core classes focus on areas of study such as History and Philosophy, Consciousness, and Practical Application.

Education Ministry Coordinator: Sandi Adams, RScP 510.420.1003

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Core Curriculum

With the ministers, practitioners and guests of East Bay Church

In these classes we study core spiritual concepts and practice applying them to the conditions in our lives. We learn how to gain more clarity and less confusion about what to do and how to do it. New Foundations is the entry level class in the study of the Science of Mind. The classes are experiential, with guided meditations and exercises to assist you in incorporating spiritual practice into your daily life. This course is the pre-requisite to any further course enrollment.

This course provides the student with an understanding of the historical roots in America of Ernest Holmes’ philosophy. Directly experience the power of those teachers and the teachings that inspired Ernest Holmes, our Founder. Specific emphasis is given to three of Holmes’ most important influences: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Ernest Holmes studied many teachings in developing our spiritual teaching. Along the way he adapted what he learned to suit his audience and his time. He left us with the charge to continue to adapt his teaching to the world we live in now. In order to adapt and grow, it is vital to understand the foundation. In this class, you will experience the real Ernest Holmes and discover the gifts he has left for you through his teaching. The text book for the class is The Essential Ernest Holmes, a brilliant compilation of Holmes’s key ideas on a broad range of topics including social awareness, non-dualism, mysticism, healing and prayer.

Focusing on prosperity issues, the student of this class will gain a greater understanding of the basic metaphysical principles which govern our financial well-being.

Ernest Holmes wrote that healing is a revealing of Truth. Explore the connection between your thoughts and how they show up in the body. Take time to listen to the messages the body is giving you and transformation of any unwanted ideas using treatment (prayer), meditation and movement.

This class includes exercises to increase our sensory awareness of our wholeness so that we can experience it as the Truth. Resting in this sensation, we have the opportunity to experience ourselves as divine, which in turn changes our biochemistry to support healing. We also explore the benefits of self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness as well as the role surrender plays in our experience of “healing”. This is a transformative class on many levels.

Visioning is the practice of attuning your life and your thought to spiritual guidance and direction. As you become more aware of spiritual guidance at work in your life, you begin to turn to it first before taking action or making decisions. Knowing how to ‘listen’ to spiritual guidance —and how to differentiate between other messages that pass through our awareness—becomes a valuable skill in living a fulfilling life. Visioning is about the personal transformation that occurs when you let spiritual guidance inform everything you do! In this class you learn how to vision and experience the power of visioning with others.

This class promises to change your consciousness, leading to the experience of a more abundant life. If you have struggled with ideas about lack and/or limitation in the world beyond your control, this class will help build a bridge from where you are to an experience of spiritual living in which you feel the infinite support of an abundant universe. The 5 gifts that lead to clarity and inspiration are: Gratitude, Intentions (both setting and manifesting), Forgiveness (of self and others), Tithing (practice of structured giving), and Surrender. You will savor the spiritual community that you build with your fellow travelers through specific spiritual practices that are designed to guide you in the process of mastering some spiritual principles.

Joseph Campbell was perhaps the greatest thinker of the 20th Century. His writings cover a vast range of spirituality, culture, and human mythology. His presence, which most people only experience through the wonderful Power of Myth video series, was transcendent. This course takes an overview of Campbell’s work, helping the novice and scholar alike make sense of their own personal myth.

Building on the knowledge gained in Beyond Limits or Foundations, this class focuses on how to have an active daily connection with Spirit and how to find your own unique way of doing that through spiritual practices. You will explore receptive (meditation) and directive (prayer) ways of communing with Spirit to be able to choose the perfect spiritual practice for you in every moment and situation. Various forms of meditation are presented, and you will develop greater skill in verbal and written prayer, especially for others.

Have you ever wrestled with the impulse to react when you want to respond compassionately and calmly? Do you wonder what causes you to react in ways that leave you feeling dissatisfied? Do you have questions about integrity and compassionate communication? Do you sometimes wonder how to be a spiritual person in a practical world? This class is an inward journey exploring feelings, ego, relationships, and the process of personal change. With direct, practical advice from Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements, the work of Byron Katie and others, you will discover new ways to deepen human love, trust, and forgiveness.

As you deepen in your spiritual practice, you will begin to realize how important prayer is in living a spiritual life. In this class you learn specifically what contributes to clear, powerful, focused prayer. Not only will you learn how to write affirmations and prayers to address personal circumstances for yourself and for others, you will also be coached in identifying and describing personal limiting beliefs that interrupt your progress. You will be invited to experience what it means to “pray continuously” and to live a life based on prayer.

This class provides an opportunity to get in touch with your own inner “mystic.” Inspired by the world’s great mystical traditions and teachers, you will gain a deeper experience and understanding of your own personal way of living a mystical life. By reframing what a mystic is and how to practice mysticism in every day situations, you will be invited to step into a new identity as a person who is committed to discovering Spirit in every action, person, and situation.

The Edinburgh Lectures delivered by Thomas Troward had a profound effect on the development of spiritual metaphysics. In particular, he was a major influence on Ernest Holmes as he was developing the Science of Mind philosophy. Troward formally inaugurated his contribution with a series of lectures given in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1904. The study of these carefully crafted and beautifully delivered lectures is designed to give students a deeper wisdom and understanding of universal spiritual principles and What We Believe at the Centers for Spiritual Living.

From a former student: “To study Troward is like being pulled into a vortex of ancient wisdom wrapped in the language of the turn of the last century. The study took me beyond a place of intellectual understanding and back again. Troward understands “the mystery” and speaks not only about it, but speaks into it. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to dance a familiar dance in a different rhythm.”

This course is suitable for beginners or those wishing to deepen and expand their spiritual practice. The experiential nature of the class will move you through several modalities, including meditation with light, mantras, sound, movement, breathing and more. With an innovative and inspiring structure, informative reading materials and gentle guidance, this class promises to take you deeper into your practice every day, for good!

This 30-week course takes the student on a deep journey of self discovery, focusing on a keen understanding of our teaching and applying spiritual principles. Students continue their mastery of life through personal responsibility, the power of choice, and structured spiritual practices. Through reading, reflective writing, affirmative prayer and classroom exercises, students develop a moment by moment awareness of what it means to live a spiritual life. (A minimum of six completed classes and an interview are required prior to enrolling. Offered once per year beginning in September and ending in May.)

In this course, you will learn the necessary skills for working with clients and the application of spiritual principles in human conditions through expanded use of affirmative prayer. Students deepen their role of selfless service to our spiritual community and hone the consciousness of a healing presence. Successful completion of this 30 week course with written and oral exams culminates in licensing as a Professional Prayer Practitioner (RScP) with United Centers for Spiritual Living.

Advanced Spiritual Living

This is a 30-week course devoted to personal discovery, integrated spiritual practice, community building, and embodied awareness of living the Principles of Science of Mind and Spirit.

Course Overview

Three terms of 10 weeks each. Monday nights, 6:30 – 9:30 pm

Dates: September – April. Breaks at Christmas and New Year’s, and one week in February during the CSL convention. A Friday evening and all day Saturday retreat in January (additional cost of approx $100).

Tuition: $845 if paid in full or $885 paid in 4 installments. ($100 deposit by August 1, then payments at 2nd class of each term. Total is $295 per term for Installment plan.

In addition to weekly written homework and reading, you are engaged in the following activities throughout the 30 weeks:

  • Active Spiritual Practice/Journaling/Prayer Partner
  • Active EBCRS Member (If not yet a member, you agree to complete the next available Membership Class (1 week, free)
  • SEVA (Sacred Service) commitment, minimum of 10 hours per Term
  • Paid Practitioner Session required, 1 per term
  • 100% Attendance is expected plus Retreat
  • Identifiable, Conscious, Consistent Giving
  • Attending Community Gathering Orientation date TBD

Term One: How Life Gets to Be the Way It Is: The Law of Cause and Effect

This is a deep exploration into individual and cultural influences on our belief systems and personal cosmology. We delve into mental cause, the Law of Mind, Mind and its influences, through the lens of personal and subjective experience. No stone is left unturned! Topics include social & childhood influences, sexuality, addiction, and more.

Term Two: Living a Life of Choice: Consciously Using the Creative Process

This term focuses on a personal and community examination of Creative Mind and consciously choosing and using spiritual principle. We devote individual weeks of study to Values, Faith, Success, Power of Prayer, and the Healing Power of Love.

Term Three: Living Life Fully: Embracing the Sacred in Life

Study culminates in a rich exploration and embodiment of inner and outer experience of Spiritual Beings in Human Form. Topics include Living in Unity with Religious and Cultural Diversity, Living in Freedom through Wisdom, Consciously Choosing through Change, and Spiritual Leadership as a Beneficial Presence.


Term One

The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Practicing the Presence by Joel Goldsmith

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Term Two

Concordance to the Science of Mind  by Al Lowe and Martha Ann Stewart

Can We Talk To God by Ernest Holmes – Section II, Effective Prayer

The Principles of Healing  by H.B. Jeffery
(Only available as an ebook at:

Term Three

This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes

Your choice of a book on death and dying. More information is available within the class curriculum.


Six Completed Core Classes in the 5 previous years. See the categories of classes at the end of this page. Make (and keep a copy) of the list of classes with month/year completed. The date on your certificate is the date of completion.  If you do not yet have a list, contact Sandi Adams at or 510.420.1003 list of completed classes at EBCRS, which confirm the prerequisites are completed. If any of your classes were completed at another Center for Spiritual Living, Sandi Adams can request your transcript from Home Office.

Completion of this course is the Prerequisite for Professional Practitioner Training.

Required for Interview:

List of classes completed and the month/year completed. Completed Self-Reflection and Commitment Agreement forms.

Prerequisite Core Classes

I. Foundation Level Coursework: Choose 1:  Beyond Limits, Basic Principles of the Science of Mind, Spiritual Principles and Practices

II. Ernest Holmes Philosophy: The Essential Ernest Holmes

III. History/Philosophy Coursework: Choose 1:  Exploring Roots of Science of Mind Or From Whence We Came

IV. Consciousness: Choose 3:

  • The Edinburgh Lectures
  • Creative Process in the Individual
  • Spiritual Practices for Daily Living
  • Power of Your Word
  • Building a Healing Consciousness
  • Meditation is More Than You Think
  • Practical Mysticism
  • Self-Mastery
  • Heart-Mind-Body Connection
  • Mental Equivalents
  • Revealing Wholeness

Can include 1 course from the selection of all other Certificated Courses.

If you are considering becoming a Licensed Practitioner, please call our office 510.420.1003, or email

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CSL Practitioner Studies Prerequisite Requirements

Students are required to complete a series of 6 prerequisite courses before entering into Practitioner Studies. Details are listed below.

Path to Practitioner

1. It is recommended that students begin the Path to Practitioner by completing a Foundational level course. The Online Education Program offers the following courses listed below to satisfy this requirement.

  • Foundations of Science of Mind
  • Spiritual Principles & Practices

2. Students are required to complete a History course. The Online Education Program offers the course listed below to satisfy this requirement.

  • Exploring Roots

3. Students are required to complete an Ernest Holmes Philosophy course. The Online Education Program offers the course listed below to satisfy this requirement.

  • Essential Ernest Holmes

4. Students are required to complete either 2 consciousness courses and 1 elective OR 3 consciousness courses. The courses offered through the Online Education Program that satisfy this requirement are listed below.

Consciousness Courses

  • Power of Your Word
  • Self-Mastery
  • Practical Mysticism
  • Creative Process
  • Mental Equivalents
  • Spiritual Mind Treatment
  • Revealing Wholeness


  • What the Mystics Knew
  • Visioning
  • Prosperity Plus
  • This Thing Called You
  • Spiritual Economics
  • 7 Spiritual Laws of Success
  • Once students have completed the required 6 prerequisite courses, students can apply for entry into Practitioner Training through the Online Education Program.

* No student is guaranteed entry into the Practitioner Program

Discounts, Scholarships, Tuition Assistance, and Installment Payment Plans

For Core Classes

The price for a 10-week class is $250 which includes materials and a $45 non-refundable registration fee. Most classes have required books which may be purchased at Between the Lines Bookstore.

Discounts are applied to paid-in-full tuition value

Early Bird: $50 off during the first two weeks of registration. (Typically in April, August, and Dec. every year.)

Seniors: $25 off, or $125 for a $150 class

Teens & Young Adults: (under 18 requires parental approval) A Young Adult is under 30. 50% discount

Choir Members: For Beyond Limits or Basic Principles of the Science of Mind only – 25% discount

Audits: Repeating a class (with no Completion Certificate): $80 off, for $150

Reviews: Repeating a class (with a Completion Certificate): $60 off, for $150

Youth Program Teachers and Teen Advisors: Application and background check required as well as completion of Foundations or Beyond Limits. Pay $45 registration fee only. Offered once per year for one year commitment to the children and/or teens of our Center.

Professional Prayer Practitioner Discount: 25% off

Scholarships: Cash value is $100. Approval is subject to availability of funds. Application deadline is the end of Early Bird registration each term. Apply throughout the year, and be “pre -approved” as sometimes funds run out early in the registration process.

For Spiritual Enrichment Courses

These courses are non-accredited and typically shorter in length (three to five weeks). There are no prerequisites. The average cost is $75 paid in full, plus the book(s), if applicable. A $20 non-refundable registration fee is included. Scholarships, Tuition Assistance, and Installments Plans are not available for these courses.

Discounts, applied to the “full pay” cost:

Early Bird Discount: $10 off

Senior (60+) Discount: $10 off (cannot be combined with early bird; however, discount has no expiration date.)

Teens & Young Adults: 50% discount. Under 18 requires parental approval. A Young Adult is under 30.

Professional Prayer Practitioner Discount: 25% off

Once you have completed five Spiritual Enrichment courses, the sixth one is FREE!

For more information, send your request to or call 510.420.1003.

Tuition assistance and scholarship application forms are available in the Social Hall on Sundays and in the lobby during business hours.
Core classes have a non-refundable $45 fee included in the tuition.

Click here to see the refund policy.

Spiritual Enrichment Courses have a non-refundable $20 fee included in the tuition. No refunds after the first class.


Refund Policy

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