The Women’s Empowerment Collective

The Women’s Empowerment Collective at East Bay

The Women’s Empowerment Collective (WE Collective) has been a gathering place for women for 9 years. Started by Rev. Dr. Sherri Lynne Grier and Pamela Nash, this group has been a staple for women at East Bay.

Since 2023 the group has been led by Ananda (Bliss) Kenboya, RScP and grown to a mailing list of over 100 women with 20-30 women regularly attending the monthly Zoom meetings. Our reach extends beyond the Bay Area. We now have members in Texas, North Carolina, Sacramento and Southern California. In 2024 WE Collective rebranded ourselves creating our new name and expanding our services to reach a larger intergenerational and multi-intersectional collective of women.

WE Collective continues our tradition of providing a safe and confidential space for women to gather, talk, and listen to one another. We also have a rich history of presenting dynamic women guest speakers throughout the year to educate and enlighten us on matters of heart, spiritual practice, finances/retirement, self-development/self-care, health and more.

In addition to our monthly meetings and guest speakers the collective now host meet ups and opportunities to come out to support other women. The collective also facilitates a book club which meets once a month in person and via Zoom. We will continue to develop and expand our offerings to support the needs of all self-identified women. If you are interested in becoming a part of this amazing group, please contact Bliss at for more information. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating a safe space for peace, empowerment, and unconditional Love by capturing the Spiritual energy of praying women. Our door is the portal to a confidential non-judgmental environment where were we Affirm, Support, and Empower all women. “We are One Loving Heart”.

Our Purpose

The Women’s Empowerment Collective at the East Bay Church of Religious Science is the seed and nurturing soil to empower women. We are the place where all women from all walks of Life and generations are welcome. 

Team Leader

Ananda “Bliss” Kenboya, RScP

Lead Practitioner

Ananda “Bliss” Kenboya, RScP

Bliss has been a licensed practitioner with CSL since 2009. Known as “The Living Well Instigator” Bliss believes you can create the life you want to live.