Welcome to East Bay, Beloved!

Come in. We’re glad you’re here. We’ve been waiting for you. On behalf of our East Bay family, we want you to know that we are dedicated to meeting the needs of people wherever they are in life. Therefore, the purpose of our website is to introduce you to areas of our center that may be relevant to your life at this time.

Gracious Giving

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Science of Mind & Spiritual Enrichment Classes

With the ministers, practitioners and guests of East Bay Church

East Bay Church of Religious Science offers a variety of classes for the congregation’s spiritual development throughout the year. View our Future Classes tab for a list of classes that are taught at East Bay, and our Current Classes page for classes currently being offered. Check back often or join our mailing list at the bottom of the page to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to enhance your spiritual knowledge, personal experience and ongoing practice. For class inquiries, please email classes@ebcrs.org or call 510.420.1003.

Classes in Science of Mind give you what you need to expand your knowledge of spiritual principles and to gain practical spiritual tools for everyday use. In addition to learning about the Science of Mind philosophy and how to apply it, being in a class is one of the best ways to enter more deeply into our spiritual community. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know people from many different backgrounds.

Our teachers are experienced practitioners of Science of Mind who love to teach and share the power that these teachings have to change lives.

Many classes have prayer pods or partnerships which help anchor students in loving support and transformative practice. Many lifelong friendships have begun in our classrooms. Come and join us as we explore and experience the transformation that Science of Mind can bring to every life!

There are no classes at this time, check back soon for our Fall schedule.

Click on the button below to register for classes.

Events and Workshops

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Online Prayer Requests

We are here when you need us

The Licensed Spiritual Practitioners of East Bay Church of Religious Science stand ready to support you with prayer whenever needed. Listed below are several ways of requesting prayer.

Enlist the support of a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner at Church

East Bay Church of Religious Science Practitioners have dedicated their lives to being vessels of prayer and serving our community. If you are in need of prayer while at church, please feel free to approach any Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. It is our greatest pleasure to do a Science of Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) with you at your request. We do not charge a fee for this service. Licensed Practitioners can be recognized at church by their purple stoles.

Complete a Prayer Request Form at Church

Prayer Request forms are physically located in the foyer next to the Treatment Box. Simply fill out the form and place it in the box. All Prayer Request forms are delivered to our Ministry of Prayer, where practitioners will take them into the healing consciousness of prayer. Every prayer request is maintained in the strictest of confidence.

Prayer Request forms are physically located in the foyer next to the Treatment Box. Simply fill out the form and place it in the box. All Prayer Request forms are delivered to our Ministry of Prayer, where practitioners will take them into the healing consciousness of prayer. Every prayer request is maintained in the strictest of confidence.

Fill out our online prayer request form

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    Thank you for submitting your online Prayer request. East Bay Practitioners will surround this request in prayer for at least 30 days.

    We Offer Many Spiritual Support Options

    Our Prayer Room is Open!

    Be supported in a one-on-one virtual prayer room with an East Bay Practitioner. Just click the button below.

    The Prayer Room opens each Sunday
    from 11:30am to 12pm on Zoom.

    Practitioners can help hold the Truth for you, no matter what you’re going through, and offer support through using spiritual practice.

    All are welcome.



    Or call 669.900.6833 and
    Enter Meeting ID: 917 9168 5888
    Password: 866550

    Would you like to have a community Prayer Partner?

    Would you like the opportunity to establish a regular prayer or spiritual mind treatment practice with a partner?

    If your answer is yes, we invite you to join the East Bay Prayer Partners Program.

    Connect with an East Bay member to:

    • Receive a blessing from each other and each other’s lives by giving and receiving prayer support.
    • Deepen your spiritual practice and connection with God.
    • Build friendships.
    • Experience the opportunity for greater health and well-being and spiritual and personal growth.
    • Expand consciousness and community at East Bay.

    To be connected to a Prayer Partner, please call or text Practitioner Helen Anderson at 510.517.1980

    Please contact us for more information.


    In These Times, Prayer is the Way Forward

    The Practitioners of East Bay are honored to hold all of our community in the “sacred space” of prayer.

    Prayer is the only way forward. Prayer is the love, compassion, care, and support offered to our EBCRS community. Daily prayer is accessed through Facebook live Monday – Friday at 8 am. Come, join us, for centering in affirmative prayer.

    Monday Theme: Oneness

    Tuesday Theme: Love

    Wednesday Theme: Forgiveness

    Thursday Theme: Peace

    Friday Theme: Prosperity


    This Prayer Support will replace the time and not be held via Zoom but will be hosted on Facebook Live

    Daily Prayer

    Date: Weekly, Monday through Thursday

    Time: 8:00am – 8:30am

    Practitioners will be holding the “space” of love, peace, forgiveness, and oneness in prayer.

    Need support? Licensed Practitioners are here to support you.

    Our wonderful practitioners Debora Truso, RScP, Brenda King Randle, RScP, Kimberly Satterfield, RScP, and Rev. Badia Cooper are offering prayer support to anyone who desires it.

    Download a Contact List of Our Practitioners

    Photo credit: Jack Sharp on Unsplash

    Files For You

    F.A.C.E.S OF THE EAST BAY (Family Art Culture Education Spirituality)

    F.A.C.E.S uses art, culture, education and spirituality to promote programs and services that empower and uplift the lives of individuals and families.  F.A.C.E.S addresses the concerns and issues of the dynamic multicultural East Bay community by encouraging citizens to be actively engaged in creating harmonious urban environments that improve the lives of all people.


    The mission of F.A.C.E.S is to provide holistic, integrated programs and services that enhance and empower individuals and families throughout the Easy Bay.  F.A.C.E.S programs and services are offered through artistic and cultural activities, designed to improve family relationships and stability, provide and strengthen educational skills, and offer exposure to non-denominational universal spiritual principles that support, guide and inspire wise and productive decisions in making daily life choices.

    The F.A.C.E.S Story

    In 1998, the leaders of East Bay Church of Religious Science established F.A.C.E.S as a 501c3 California non-profit benefit corporation. It was envisioned that it would serve as the social service and community benefit arm of the church.  The goal was for F.A.C.E.S to provide programs and services to uplift, empower and enhance the lives of disadvantaged community members.  Since its inception F.A.C.E.S has mobilized and collaborated with city, state and federal agencies and commissions; community based arts, health and social change organizations; educational institutions; public and private funders; the service groups of faith based organizations and talented individuals.  These collaborations have engaged F.A.C.E.S in offering creative, innovative, whole systems programs bringing together an array of resources that meet the needs of the community.  As a result, F.A.C.E.S has succeeded in establishing a reputation for offering quality innovative trainings, workshops and service programs. The following list provides an example of the many was that F.A.C.E.S has achieved its mission and served the community:

    Youth and Family Wellness

    • Reuniting Family Project
    • Maximizing Opportunities For Mothers To Succeed – MOMS Program
    • First Friday Family Fun Nights
    • Seeing the Beauty of A Girls Rites of Passage Program
    • Building Healthy Families Training Program
    • King Estates Middle School Citizens Club

    Health and Wellness

    • Breaking Bread Together
    • The Overflow Pantry
    • Food Angels
    • StopWaste Food Recovery
    • East Bay Hidden Garden

    Culture, Arts, Music

    • Free After School Music Lessons
    • Winter Wonderland Music Camp
    • Art Instruction Summer Camps
    • Kwanzaa Celebrations

    Education, Spirituality and Community Building

    • Jump Start Your Life Empowerment Workshops
    • First Time Home Buyers Program

    Cultural Competence, Social Justice and Community Building

    • Project Together We Can Heal The Heart
    • Community Peacekeepers for Oakland
    • APPIC Little Children Big Challenge/Incarceration Training Advisory Board
    • Building Bridges for Racial Harmony
    • The Impact of Incarceration on Families Workshop
    • EBCRS Prison Ministry
    • Oakland Police Department Community relations consultations

    NonProfit Partners