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Participating in Sacred Service is an excellent way to support the growth and development of the East Bay Community. It is also a wonderful way to make Seva–Selfless Service a part of your Spiritual Practice. We encourage you to say “YES!”

For questions contact Harriet Johnson, Sacred Seva Portfolio Manager at 510.417.5386

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Sacred Seva Opportunities

East Bay is blessed with beautiful grounds which invite many possibilities. The combination of rich soil, wonderful sun exposure, and powerful prayers spoken on our land has resulted in thriving plants that are very happy to live in our garden. Many members of the church have had a hand in creating the garden we enjoy today. Rev. Elouise and Teya Brown know the history of many of the more established plants that were selected years ago with care and purpose. We want to share this abundant space with as many spirits as we can!




The mission of the EBCRS Health & Wellness Ministry is to promote healthy lifestyle choices and practices to enhance the quality of life for congregants by providing spiritual counseling, health information, interactive workshops and resources focusing on awareness, education, prevention, services and referral.




Our in-house bookstore sells Science of Mind literature along with other spiritual and personal growth books, magazines, audio materials, and other items. Stop by the avoid/visual table before or after services to let the team know about your interest in volunteering.


We are a ministry that meets on the first Saturday of every month from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. Each month we have a different woman facilitator who brings important life topics that raise women’s vibrations.

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