Reverend FranCione, Ph.D.

Interim Minister, Trustee

We are pleased to have Rev. FranCione join the East Bay Family as our Interim Minister.

Rev. FranCione, Ph.D. is Minister Emerita, Oakland Center For Spiritual Living (OCSL) and 30 years Minister, (CSL) 2016. At OCSL, Dr. FranCione joins Staff Ministers speaking for Sunday Celebrations and Wednesday Evening Satsungs (engaging audience in dialogue). Dr. FranCione teaches all CSL Certificated Classes and spiritual workshops using the arts. A professional curriculum writer, Dr. FranCione infuses existing classes or creates courses on wisdom & cultural experiences of African Americans, African Philosophy & Black Church as well on Inclusiveness and Diversity promoting Love and Justice for all.

During the past year, Dr. FranCione extended her life long passion to ensure equity leading OCSL’s SUM (Social Uplift Ministry) Brought together members of OCSL to meet and work with Oakland City Council’s Chair Rabbi Rebecca Kaplan and District Representative to serving people without homes as well as to eradicate racism by serving with Dr Roy Wilson’s MLK Jr. Freedom Center . Both Kaplan and Wilson have spoken to and engaged in discussion with a sizeable number of OCSL members, now committed to engage in the community. Prior to leading this work, Dr. FranCione volunteered for three years with CSL’s Curriculum Design Team to design new curriculum. Dr. FranCione’s focused on Diversity & Inclusiveness.

Dr. FranCione is Founding Spiritual Leader/Director of the Sacred Arts & Living Center (a CSL Teaching Chapter) 2012 — it was a Sacred Arts Center (A UCRS Study Group from 2005-2011) SALC has led a monthly Practitioners Diversity Book Club — conducting weekend Diversity Workshops with Northern California Practitioners in concert with Holmes Institute at Heart & Soul CSL (2012, and, led weekend workshops with Practitioners at the then First Church of Religious Science (aka OCSL) 2013. These experiences were the result of Dr. FranCione’s being called to support conflict between Black & White students attending Holmes Institute Santa Rosa Regional Center. Several ministers joined me in designing Holmes Institute’s Psychology 606 Course -Diversity & The Ministry (2014) required of all ministerial students.

Dr. FranCione was minister of CSL Davis (2010); Minister of Prayer Chaplains, Christ Unity Church, Sacramento (2005 to 2008) ; Director of Education, Home Holmes Institute, UCRS Home Office, Los Angeles (1999 to 2004); Holmes Institute, Regional Dean and Assistant Minister at Pacific Church of Religious Science, San Diego (1997-1999); Director,Youth & Family Ministry, East Bay CORS, & Director of Arts Entertainment Academy (Teacher: World Cultures & Craft) Castlemont High, Oak) (1995-1998); Sr. Minister, San Francisco CORS (1992-1995), EBCORS (1992 EHCollege Northern Cal Dean (1991-1992) Minister, Youth & Family Minister (FCORS 1989-1991) Research Associate, Early Childhood Education & Program Director, Responsive Education Program, Far West Laboratory for Education Research & Development (1966- 1985).

Published: 1978 Responsive Basic Skills Handbook for Teachers & Parents.

Education: SFSC, Calif. MA 1978; Union Institute University, Ohio PhD Educational Administration, Staff/Personal Development, Multicultural Learning) 1983.