What is the Intentional Giving Pledge Drive?

It is a time for the EBCRS community to indicate how members and friends will financially contribute in 2022. East Bay’s operational spending plan is based on what is supported and collected. By making your pledge, East Bay has an indication of the funding available for 2022.

What is the goal of this year’s Pledge Drive?


How do I know how much to pledge?

We encourage you to prayerfully consider what feels right to you given your personal situation. Some people will choose a specific dollar amount while others will choose to tithe 10% of their gross income. Listen to your heart and give what you think is the right amount for you.

When is my pledge, or my online intention to give, due for 2022?

Our target date is April 31, 2022 By completing and submitting a pledge card, or pledging online at www.ebcrs.org you support our budget projection for 2022. However, we accept pledges all year.

How does money I give to EBCRS differ from money I give to charity?

In terms of taxes it is the same. Any money given to the East Bay and identified as your pledge, gift, tithe, or offering is tax deductible. In terms of spiritual practice there is a difference. Giving or tithing as a spiritual practice suggests that you give to what spiritually feeds you. It is a way to experience the “law of circulation” in your life which recognizes that the Universe is abundant and that “as we give, we receive”.

Where does the money I give to the EBCRS go?

Your contribution to EBCRS pays for basic day-to-day operational expenses. This includes staff, building and facilities costs, Sunday services, Community Outreach, Youth and Family Program, prayer support and a multitude of free groups and services. Your gift allows the EBCRS to expand its services impacting a broader audience with our teachings.

May I give my time and service to EBCRS rather than a financial contribution?

EBCRS relies on both the financial resources and the generous gift of service that many members of our community provide. The time, talent and treasure of our congregants vitalize our community. Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference in fulfilling our vision of reaching people with our teaching.

What is tithing and why is it 10%? Where did the practice of giving 10% come from?

Tithing is based on an ancient spiritual practice from the Bible. To “tithe” is to give the first 10% of your gross income to the place where you are spiritually fed. Tithing is a way to put God first in your life and to practice trusting God as your source. Many people also find that tithing is a tangible way to express gratitude for all that has been provided. It is a way of sharing your good.

What if I only come to the EBCRS occasionally? Should I still make a pledge or gift?

If EBCRS has had a positive impact on your life, we encourage you to make a financial contribution. Any level of support that you provide allows the EBCRS to continue to serve our community and to reach more people with our teaching.

How do you know I am contributing to my pledge?

When you use personal checks, the Kiosk, or credit cards, we automatically apply that gift to your pledge. When you donate cash be sure to use the envelopes located under chair seats in the Sanctuary and include your name in the space provided. We will also send you quarterly updates so that you can monitor your progress.

Can you charge me automatically?

Yes we can! Fill out the Automatic Giving Program section of the Intentional Giving Card. Indicate the amount and whether your payment is weekly, monthly or one time only. Note: A new credit card authorization is required each year, even if you filled out a form last year and your information has not changed. You can also create an account online and have the funds automatically withdrawn as you desire. Please visit our website to get started.

Can I give online?

Yes you can! To set up your online Planned Giving, please go here and set up your reoccurring pledge.

Do I have to become a member to pledge?

No, but we would love you to become a member of the East Bay. For membership information, please email us at info@ebcrs.org or contact our church office at 510.420.1003.


About Your Donation

At the East Bay Church of Religious Science, we are contributing to a greater good… starting right here at home!

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, our spiritual community is sustained almost entirely by the contributions of members and friends.

Our tax ID is 942220113 and you may receive a non-profit tax exemption for your contribution. If you would like to donate to East Bay, you may do so in a number of ways, with or without setting up an account.

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