Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Program

What is it?

Our Helping Hands program is a perfect example of members helping members. It is a confidential, one-time financial assistance program for eligible members of the Center who are experiencing financial hardship.

Who is eligible?

Any member in good standing for at least one year who has a Better Together Intentional Giving card on file for the current year is eligible to apply for support.

How do I apply?

Members must complete a Helping Hands Application Form and return it to the East Bay.

Where do I get an application form?

It may be downloaded by clicking here, or you may ask any staff member or Practitioner or the receptionist at the front desk.

How do I submit the application?

Once it is fully completed, the Application Form is returned to the Center by mail or in person at the church office. (An addressed envelope is included with the application form.)

How do I receive funding?

After returning the completed Application Form. Within a week a Helping Hands team member will contact you to schedule a confidential interview to discuss your needs. Following this interview, the Helping Hands team will meet to review your application and needs for possible funding. The team will make a decision regarding funding within 24 hours and you will be notified.

What else do I need to know about this process?

Under no circumstances will cash be disbursed. Funding is strictly limited to third receive funding. All applicants agree to meet with a Helping Hands-affiliated Practitioner free of charge (Helping Hands funds this session for you).

Do I have to repay the funding I receive?

During the interview, repayment options will be discussed which include repayment in the form of money and/or in service to the Center.

Can I contribute to the Helping Hands fund?

Yes! Contributions are gratefully accepted. Merely write Helping Hands on your check or cash envelope.

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