Embracing Your Creative Genius

Embracing Your Creative Genius
Embracing Your Creative Genius

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Embracing Your Creative Genius


Rev. FranCione, Ph.D

Kuwaza Imara, RScP

TA: Paris Page

Creative Support: Fabriana Crenshaw

Dates: 5 weeks on Tuesdays, August 24 to September 20, 2022

Times: From 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Invitation to Summer Fun!

You were born with a natural gift of creativity that will enable you to function at exceptional levels if you take the time to learn and apply some of the important ideas and insights.

This class is designed:

  • To inspire: insight, laughter, zaniness, and spiritual revelations.
  • To encourage: sharing, creating jokes, drawing, moving/dance, painting, recording dreams and doodles.
  • To assist: facing your mental locks that keep you from experiencing the powerful and fulfilled life that your creativity can bring to you.
  • To guide: practice of new ways of using your mind.
  • To introduce: Some have found new jobs, new talents, new relationships and different ways to look at their everyday lives.

Weekly topics:

  • Creativity — its meaning and purpose while moving, dancing and…
  • Embracing a larger point of view with jokes, rapping and poetry
  • Breaking out of the box with metaphors and your creativity collage
  • Our place in creation and tapping into spirit speaking through dreams
  • Expressing with joy and pride while delivering own creations

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Investment: Registration fee $160 each (includes materials fees)


A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger Voh Oech

Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes