Community-Wide Co-Creation Playshop

Community-Wide Co-Creation Playshop

How you do one thing is how you do everything!

As we have moved through these interesting times, much has surfaced for us as individuals and communities that we may want to shift! We have the opportunity to Co-Create new experiences for ourselves that will also positively impact our community.

Join us for a Community-Wide Co-Creation Playshop!

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Co-Creation is an interactive process by which the wisdom of God/Spirit finds Its expression through us, both individually and collectively. It always involves surfacing and releasing our previously unconscious limiting beliefs to the light of our highest realization of Truth. We get to stand witness for and with each other as we reveal and heal our deepest fears and create a new way of being that is based on living from our personal and collective realization of Truth.

A group of EBCRS members recently had the opportunity go through the Co-Creation process. That is how our Easy Prayer for our new minister was created. Through understanding the principles and applying them we were able to agree together on who we are willing to be to attract what we want in new leadership.

The Community-Wide Co-Creation Playshop is every EBCRS congregant’s opportunity to have a personal experience of the Co-Creation process; gain tools and learn skills that can be used again and again; and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to enter into a Covenant or a sacred agreement with others and Spirit.

The Playshop will be offered in two parts. Part I, Clearing, and Part II, Creating. Part I is being offered the week of May 16 to May 20 and Part II is being offered the week of May 23 to May 27. You can choose the time that works best for you.

Although not required, it is suggested that you purchase and have available yellow, blue, and pink highlighters for both of your Playshop sessions.

This Playshop is offered as a gift to the EBCRS family.  We understand that as we thrive as individuals, we thrive as a community.

Part I Clearing

Sunday May 16
Tuesday May 18
Wednesday May 19
Thursday May 20
2pm – 4pm
7pm – 9pm
1pm – 3pm
10am – 12pm

Part II Creating

Sunday May 23
Tuesday May 25
Wednesday May 26
Thursday May 27
3pm – 5pm
7pm – 9pm
1pm – 3pm
10am – 12pm